six minus one

director: alfouz tanjour / dop-duo alex püringer & joe berger / streaming 7 episodes / arri alexa / production company: AlSaddaf Media & RLBW


Writer & Executive Producer: Rafi Wahbee
Art Director: Adel Ouni
Editor: Zied Zemzari
Sound engineer: Aimen Toumi
Make-up designer: Yavar Eskandari
Costume designer: Maya Shantout
Executive director: Firas Ibrahim
Color grading: Andreas Brückl

Shooting in the UAE for the first time presented some unusual challenges as well as some never before benefits. Especially the light there…It’s just amazing

It was hot and dry and interesting as hell.

After about 6 weeks of intense preparation, we managed to shoot all 7 episodes over the course of just 5.5 weeks.

All that was possible by my close collaboration with my DoP partner Joe Berger,aac, the unbreakable spirit of our director Alfouz Tanjour and an incredible effort by the whole team.